Want to customize your planter?

Here’s how.


There are 2 methods of achieving an antique look on concrete products.

In either case, a base coat of paint is required. Using white* latex house paint, preferably sprayed on, paint the top and sides of the item completely.  Allow the base coat to dry thoroughly – 4 to 12 hours minimum.

Next, apply a second coat (sprayed on) in contrasting color to the base coat. This second coat should be thinned slightly. Have a bucket of clear, tepid water and several clean rags. A sponge is also useful. Using damp rags and rinsing them frequently, proceed to wipe the still fresh paint from the piece. The more you wipe off, the more the base coat will show.

The top coat will stay in the finer details and create the antiqued effect. Let dry for 24 hours.


The second option is dry brushing. This is done by using a dry paintbrush. Touch the tips of the bristles in the contrasting second color. Brush off any excess paint on cardboard and then proceed to brush lightly over your base-coated product. This will leave contrasting color only on the high points of the product causing the detail to show dramatically. This may be done with one or more contrasting colors.

Dry brushing a highlight color such as gold or silver over the dried stain coat will give a metallic look.

* You may substitute colors of your own choice for the base coat and the second coat.



Apply a base coat the same as for antiquing. Once dry, apply a latex stain by rubbing color from a rag dipped in the stain into different areas on the item. Or using an air brush, paint the item with a variety of colors.

Or, using tube acrylic artist paints apply a variety of colors. These paints may be purchased at most art or craft stores, Wal-Mart or K-mart. Keep in mind these are powerful paints and will go a long way. You will also need an assortment of three to five brushes for large areas down to intricate detail. Remember the picture is already there – you just add the color.


Should I seal my concrete?
Sealer is optional on unpainted products. It does, however give the concrete a more finished appearance. Painted products for exterior use should be sealed unless the paints you use do not require sealer. This will give greater life to the paint and produce a richer appearance in the finished piece. A clear concrete sealer is recommended. Do not seal the bottom of any product as breathing space is needed.

In this picture, the planter on the left is plain concrete.

The planter on the right has been sealed. It’s slightly darker and shinier.

BODE’S Precast, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the suitability or fitness of the antiquing or painting procedures. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine that the product is safe and technically suitable for the intended use.